Girl Scout Outreach Program

The Girl Scout Outreach Program serves girls in grades K-8.  This cooperative program gives girls the opportunity to participate in a broad scope of Girl Scout activities.  GSSI staff or volunteers will deliver the program at least once a week.  Some of the activity topics include: Arts and Culture; Life Skills; Health & Well-Being; STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math); Self-Esteem and Sports.

All girls that participate in the Outreach Programs are encouraged to participate in the annual Product Programs.  We conduct two Product Programs annually – Nut, Candy & Magazine Program in October and Cookie Program in January.  During the Product Programs, girls will learn 5 skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.  These skills are essential to leadership, to success and to life.

BFF (Be a Friend First) Program, a national program that fosters positive self-esteem, self-confidence and leadership in girls ages 8-17, helps girls establish the foundation for sound decision making and the ability to cooperate with others – real life skills that are needed to succeed.  Other issues addressed include youth fitness, bullying, substance abuse prevention and custom tailored topics selected at the request of the girls themselves.  This cooperative program gives girls the opportunity to participate in a broad scope of the Girl Scouting program.

At the beginning of the program, registration information will be sent home to all girls participating in Outreach Programs.  All participating girls will become registered Girl Scouts.  As registered Girl Scouts, the girls have the opportunity to participate in all Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois programs.

Girls that join a BFF Girl Scout Program or another Outreach Program will have the benefit of participating in fun-filled, constructive activities in a safe environment supervised by adult female leadership.  The girls have the opportunity to interact with other girls and receive positive reinforcement and recognition for newly learned skills in an effort to stimulate their personal growth.  Girl Scouting has been proven to help girls develop self-esteem and self-respect, increase girls’ respect for others and improve their decision making skills.

For more information on how to get BFF or an Outreach Program in your school, please contact Micah Bolandis, Director of Membership at



Girl Scout Extension Program

Girl Scouting in the School Day is a 9 month program designed to promote a healthy self-image, life skills and social skills for 1,400 girls in the St. Louis metro-east area. This program promotes healthy behaviors, positive relationships, financial literacy and provides additional Science, Technology, Engineering and Math opportunities for girls in underprivileged areas. Additionally, girls involved in this program have an opportunity to participate in a Spring Camp-Out experience.

Schools currently participating in this program include:

  • Gordon Bush Elementary School, East St. Louis
  • Dunbar Elementary School, East St. Louis
  • Annette Officer Elementary School, East St. Louis
  • Katie Wright Elementary School, East St. Louis
  • James Avant Elementary School, East St. Louis
  • Miles D. Davis Elementary School, East St. Louis
  • Kreitner Elementary School, Collinsville
  • Lalumier Elementary School, Centerville
  • Elizabeth Morris Elementary School, Cahokia
  • Maplewood Elementary School, Cahokia
  • Bernard Long Elementary School, Madison
To learn more about this East St. Louis area program, contact Carolyn Brooks at

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